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Is Earth, the centre of Universe? Perhaps it is at least 400 years late to ask this question. In first decade of 17th Century, Galileo constructed telescope and started observing the space. Of course, Galileo was not inventor of telescope but he constructed his own telescope known as Galileo Telescope. His was the first telescope which could be used to observe stars. His observations revealed that other planets are not orbiting Earth. With this we came to know the humbling truth that Earth is just an ordinary member of the cosmos.

Actually, 100 years before Galileo, Copurnicus presented the idea that it is actually Sun which is at the centre, and other planets do orbit it. Copurnicus circulated his ideas secretly and anonymously to avoid the wrath of Church. The idea was a blasphemy in those days. 

Long back ago, Aristotle enlightened the human race with his contemplations, which told us that Earth is at the centre of the universe and Sun, Moon, other planets and stars move in circular path around it. Human race carried this knowledge for around 2000 years, till Galileo, Copurnicus etc started giving proofs in contrary to the idea. The theory was later augmented and strengthened by Ptolemy, who identified spheres of planets around Earth. According to Ptolemy Model of Universe, Earth was at the centre, then there was sphere of Moon, then in sequence were spheres of Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. After that was sphere of stars. Three other planets viz. Uranus, Naptune and Pluto were not known in those days.

Very recently, in the beginning years of 20th century, scientists discovered that our solar system is a part of vast assembly of stars. It was the discovery of first galaxy, our own galaxy named as Milky Way. This galaxy contains many billions stars. Sun was just an ordinary star in the galaxy. Soon, along with development in field of telescope more and more other galaxies started revealing themselves to us. As of now, Hubble Space Telescope, most sophisticated telescope constructed till date, has observed 3000 billion visible galaxies. Yes 3000 billion! And, as this number is increasing this is not the final figure. Mind blowing vastness, is not it! Our solar system, comprising of Sun at the centre and planets including Earth orbiting it, is located in an uncelebrated corner of our galaxy. Forget Earth, not even our total solar system gives any impression of being at the centre of our galaxy. And our Galaxy in turn does not seem to be positioned anyhow privileged among the galaxies. So, it was one of the most embarrasing thoughts to consider Earth as centre of the Universe.

But wait a minute! What may be the total area of the universe which contains 3000 billion galaxies ? Light traveling with a speed of 186000 miles /sec takes 8 minute to reach the Earth from sun. Such is the distance between Earth and Sun and when we see this distance with reference to total area of universe, it seems like placed as close as two immediate sand particles at a sea beach. Only one word can describe the stretch of our universe and that is INFINITY.

Now, as distance of infinity from any point is always infinity, any point in infinity may be considered as its centre. Of course, no point in infinity can take away privilege of any other point in infinity to be considered as centre. Now, why we cannot consider Earth as centre of this infinite universe?

After we realize the vastness of universe and our excessively tiny position in the whole set up, it becomes an obvious thought that there may be many more earths like ours and some of them must have “intelligent life” also. It is only matter of time that we find them. But, and this is a big but, if God has chosen only our Earth to be blessed with his wonderful experiments exhibited in form of ocean, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, ice, atmosphere etc and 1.5 million types of flora and fauna including that “intelligent life”, then we may be absolutely sure that the Earth is the centre of the universe!



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