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Yesterday, I was taking lunch when my son came and started playing at the dining table. He was playing with bowl and glass. Then he dragged me in the game and asked me to tell him in which item tomato was hiding – in glass or in bowl. Like all little children, he learns such tricks from his friends- either from real life friends or from friends of animation serials. Having not much interest in this child’s play, just to amuse him I said – “in bowl”. He lifted the bowl. I was wrong. There was no tomato in the bowl. I continued taking my food. Also, my mind was engaged somewhere else, but the magic-game continued. My son moved the bowl and glass from left to right, up and down then round –round and again came the question. This time, I replied –“Glass”. It was not there, again. Game continued. I choose Glass again, after all probability is something and sticking to same answer seemed to me correct in blind games like this one. But I was wrong again. My son was elated. My wife sitting on the adjacent chair laughed. Now, the game drew my attention. I concentrated on the movement of the utensils. “Bowl” –I made a guess this time. I was wrong nonetheless, but this time I kept concentrating. My son lifted the bowl to show me that there was no tomato under it but he had not lifted the Glass. So tomato was lying under the Glass. He continued but now I was relaxed. The puzzle was solved.  “Glass” I said this time and retired to a winner’s body language. Glass was lifted, and lo, it was empty. My son and wife laughed. I was puzzled. Then my son lifted both utensils and ended the game. There was no tomato. Neither under the Glass nor under the Bowl. The tomato was lying near the jug which my son lifted and started eating. It was out of both boxes.

So, is this the all much talked-about game of “thinking out of box”? If God play such games with us then I pray- may He grow up someday…



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